Scorpii Gourmet herbal salt is a mix of 13 carefully selected herb dried and macerated with natural sea salt from the Pacific Ocean nears Galápagos Islands. It is a healthier way to give a extraordinary flavor to all your dishes: red meat, fish, chicken, salads, and soups. All ingredients are natural and NO monosodic glutamate (GMS) has been added, because we care for your health.


You have to add just a little of .Scorpii herbal salt to your recipes and you will change the taste of your daily menus.

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Foodex 2015

Foodex 2017

BIOLCOM will participate in the Foodex 2017 in Tokyo - Japan from 7 (Tuesday) to 10 of  March 2015 (Friday) You are cordially invited to visit our booth!

New developed new products for our Japanese customers as Sacha Inchi nuts , special dried fruits, new extracts  real raw chocolate beans etc.



Biolcom Foodex 2017



Our goal is to find strategic  partners to increase production of already developed  products