LocalizaciĆ³n: Quevedo, Los Rios [ver mapa]



We are selling a teak tree farm 15 to 20 years old, 16 000 teak trees with girth 35 to 170 cm, 4000 other trees of different kinds etc, in short words a small paradise. This farm is sold directly by the owners.


It is located 13 km from Quevedo, (capital of Los Rios) La Esperanza, Road Quevedo Valencia, Ecuador, at the riverside of San Pablo, 365 meters above sea level.


The farm has plenty of water all the year round from the San Pablo River and 40 hectares are equipped with irrigation tubes. You can dig a hole of 4 to 6 meters deep and have also ground water available on each part of the farm. The San Pablo River is known to have gold in the floating sand and in its river bed.


The farm is also perfect to grow fish as tilapia and natural ponds can be setup easily. The farm has been grown for the last 15 years ecologically and without use of any chemical products.


Total area 100 ha, 40 hectares teak trees, 16 000 trees between 15 to 20 years old, 4000 other spices as fustic, laurel, etc. as well as many fruit trees of all kind, medicinal trees and herbs etc and 13 ha of cocoa trees. The forest is registered at the Ministry of agriculture as tree farm and does not pay any duties and taxes for this reason.


2 small farm houses with direct ground water and electricity make the life more comfortable.


You can plant anything which groves in the tropics. We have 6 month raining season and 6 month dry season.

The access road is in good condition and can be reached all year round by any car.


For more information send a mail or call 593-9-9552911

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and revise on the link below some pictures of our farm to sell


As alternative we can accept proposales to harvest the trees in a joint venture and produce parquet or exlusive furniture acording to you specifications with a well equipt carpenter factory under German management.



Please follow our link for teak farms and logs.


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