Our company

We are an Ecuadorian Company, under Swiss management, that transforms fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs into delicious natural products for the world market. Established in 2003 and equipped with the most modern European technology for fruit and vegetables processing.

Biolcom doesn’t use chemicals, artificial colours or preservatives in its products. We use natural additives such as citrus fruit juices, honey and others fruits and herbs that come mostly from our own plantations or from the Colorado community area where we classify and grow medicinal plants in collaboration with the local people.


  • We commercialize our products or with your private label with your brand.


Scorpii is the sun’s perfect twin in the Scorpius constellation, 46 light-years from the earth. Surrounding Scorpii, there may be planets which harbour extraterrestrial life.

Biolcom is also a trade mark that we use for distributing our products to the market.

We are also ready to produce and pack under your own brand or trade mark.


Our goals

- We aim to replace the use of chemical preservatives and colouring materials by natural elements, fruits or plants ingredients, in order to provide healthier and high-quality products to our customers.

- To manufacture natural products for the benefit of human health.

- To provide employment to local people.

- To pay fair prices for the raw material to the indigenous people that cultivates and sells it.

- To protect natural resources such as the rainforest, water sources, native vegetation and save energy.


Our products

All products that Biolcom produces are 100 % natural, all its ingredients come from fruits or plants from  our own plantations or from the regions were we are present doing community work as the Colorado tribe area were we classify and grow medicinal plants. We intend to know more about the natural plants and the benefits that they have in order to take advantage of them and transfer them to our customers.



Our flavour

Due to our geographical location at the Equator, our fruits and vegetables have much more intense taste than any other in the world.

BIOLCOM is located in Pifo,  Ecuador, South America, 26 km from the capital Quito, 5 minutes from the future airport.

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Foodex 2015

Foodex 2017

BIOLCOM will participate in the Foodex 2017 in Tokyo - Japan from 7 (Tuesday) to 10 of  March 2015 (Friday) You are cordially invited to visit our booth!

New developed new products for our Japanese customers as Sacha Inchi nuts , special dried fruits, new extracts  real raw chocolate beans etc.



Biolcom Foodex 2017



Our goal is to find strategic  partners to increase production of already developed  products