Bamboo is a very strong and durable decorative grass with wood quality and many varieties; it can be used in the structure of a constructions, as floors or roofs, to build houses and green houses. It is as stronger and  more flexible than steel, so it resists earthquakes and it helps to lower temperatures  and keeps humidity in soils and prevents erosion of soils and river beds.

Constructing with bamboo helps to acclimatize room atmosphere, without using electric energy, saving millions of KW/h. It also refreshes the environment because it allows natural ventilation.

Bamboo fibres threads can also be used to make cloths whit a similar quality than silk.

It grows very fast and can be a real solution to lower the CO2 on the planet, because it converts CO2 in oxygen 7 times faster than any other tree. So growing Bamboo is a solution to stop the heating of our atmosphere!

Ecuador has one of the best varieties of bamboo in the world, the Guadua Angustifolia. We plant this variety in our farms in Quevedo. We cure it with boric acid and borax to avoid splitting and contamination with insects.

We also grow other varieties of Bamboo: Dendrocalamus Giganteus, Phyllostachys Pubescens, Phyllostachys Aureosulcata, Phyllostachys Bambusoides, etc.

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Foodex 2015

Foodex 2017

BIOLCOM will participate in the Foodex 2017 in Tokyo - Japan from 7 (Tuesday) to 10 of  March 2015 (Friday) You are cordially invited to visit our booth!

New developed new products for our Japanese customers as Sacha Inchi nuts , special dried fruits, new extracts  real raw chocolate beans etc.



Biolcom Foodex 2017



Our goal is to find strategic  partners to increase production of already developed  products