Dried fruits your healthy snack with all vitamins your body needs

All our fruits are 100% natural sun dried with lemon juice or belt dried. There are no additives, preservatives, colorants, chemicals or sugar added.

We can dry many fruits for you and pack them according to your requirements.
We currently have a 300g cardboard box in which you can fit three individual BOPP bags of 100g each or different fruits and a mixture of 3 fruits (pineapple, Physalis, baby banana) and bulk in PE bags and cardboard of 10-15 kg.

We dry:

Pineapple, papaya, banana Cavendish, baby bananas, plantains maqueño, mango (seasonal), physalis, guayabas, strawberries, tree tomatoes or tamarillo, wild blueberries (seasonal and many more fruits.

Ecuador has the biggest biodiversity in fruits and herbs on this planet. Fruits have a better taste than anywhere because of the direct sunlight at the Equator, which means the individual fruit taste is much stronger.

We are producing other products from dried fruits and cover them also with chocolate with original Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa and produce fruit leathers which we cover with chocolate for our customers.


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Foodex 2015

Foodex 2017

BIOLCOM will participate in the Foodex 2017 in Tokyo - Japan from 7 (Tuesday) to 10 of  March 2015 (Friday) You are cordially invited to visit our booth!

New developed new products for our Japanese customers as Sacha Inchi nuts , special dried fruits, new extracts  real raw chocolate beans etc.



Biolcom Foodex 2017



Our goal is to find strategic  partners to increase production of already developed  products